Sunday, December 10, 2017

Susanna Leonard Hill's 7th Annual Holiday Contest!!!

My brain had just barely returned to normal after the Halloweensie contest when the 7th Annual Holiday Contest was announced. I began brainstorming idea's and came up with nothing. After several glasses of eggnog and brandy, I came up with this story which is loosely based on actual events. I hope you enjoy it.

Santa in the Side Pocket245 words

Ah…Christmas Eve. The longest day in any present-loving kid’s life. One more obstacle to hurdle before Santa arrives with gifts.

My family went to my uncle’s house for Christmas Eve. The evening consisted of playing with cousins, dinner and the highlight of the evening: opening a few gifts.

I was greeted by the usual kaleidoscope of M & M’s. I grabbed a large handful and walked into the living room where I discovered a new piece of furniture… a pool table.

My cousins and I played pool all night long. I had so much fun that I wished I asked Santa for a pool table instead of LEGOs.

On the drive home, a bright streak in the sky caught my eye. SANTA!

“Can you bring me a pool table please, Santa?”

“I don’t think Santa will have time to fly all the way back up to the North Pole to get you a pool table, honey,” my mom responded.

I went to bed a little disheartened.

The morning sun hit my face and I sprang into gift opening mode.

I rounded the corner into the living room and…


I ran smack into a kid-sized pool table.

“Thanks Santa!” I shouted. I unwrapped my other gifts so quickly that I had no idea what I received.

I played pool all day long until it was time for bed.

The next day, I woke up and played with LEGOs. I never touched the pool table again.

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Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Vivian Kirkfield's Perfect Picture Book Friday

I'm honored to have The Bath of Least Resistance featured on Vivian Kirkfields Perfect Picture Book Friday. I'm so honored that I'm giving away a copy. Just leave a comment on her blog to be eligible to win.