Thursday, December 6, 2018

Susanna Leonard Hill's 8th Annual Holiday Contest

I didn't think I'd have an entry for the contest this year. Then an idea finally came to me. I keep editing little parts of it. Hopefully it will be fully completed by the time judging comes around.

The rules are it has to be about some sort of a Holiday Hero and must be 250 words or less. My entry comes in at 216 words. I hope you enjoy it.

The Hero Every Baker Deserves
216 words

Kara sat on her bed reading her favorite magazine Superhero Digest when a bitter sweet smell caught her nose.

“That smell…I know that smell.”

I wide-eyed look came over Kara’s face when she realized what the smell was.

“Oh no! Not this year too!” She exclaimed and bolted into her closet.

There was a bright plaid flash and the smell of fresh baked cookies filled the room. After a few seconds she emerged as the superhero Bain-Marie, savior of baked goods everywhere.

She flew out of her bedroom and down the stairs into the kitchen.

She grasped the oven door and flung it open.

With her super protective oven mitt like hands, she grabbed the tray of cookies and pulled them from the oven.

“Phew!” She exclaimed. “Got them out just in time. We can’t give Santa burnt cookies two years in a row.”

She placed the cookies on the counter to cool.

She picked up a cookie and started to take a bite when the smell of the ocean filled her nose.

“Someone has used salt instead of sugar in their cookies. No time to eat, there are more Santa cookies to be saved!”

She set the cookie down and flew off to the next house to save another batch of cookies from certain doom.

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Happy Holidays!