Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Voting has begun....

The stories are great and it was hard for me to choose one. Check out all the great Valentiny stories here and vote for your favorite.

Friday, February 10, 2017

The 2nd Annual Valentiny Writing Contest!!!

Susanna Leonard Hill is back with her 2nd Annual Valentiny Writing Contest. This time the story must be a maximum 214 words in which someone is confused. Below is my entry. I hope you enjoy it.

The Little Brown-Haired Pig-Tailed Girl
197 words

Charlie Brown had his little red-haired girl and Eddie had his little brown-haired pig-tailed girl.

They met almost every day on their walk home from school. They would walk and talk until they reached her house. Yet Eddie never asked her name.

He had become quite fond of her. Today he would ask her to be his Valentine and learn her name.

He walked up to her door with flowers and a heart shaped box full of candy in hand. He took a deep breath and pressed the doorbell. “Ding dang dong,” it chimed.

His heart pounded in his chest in sync with the footsteps that rapidly approached the door.

The door swung open to reveal the little brown-haired pig-tailed girl and her twin sister. Or vice versa.

Confused, he reached out with the candy and flowers and asked with a crack in his voice, “Will you be my Valentine?”

The girls smiled and responded in unison, “Yes!”

His eyes went wide and his jaw dropped.

The girls took the flowers and candy and giggled as they closed the door.

Eddie trudged home both happy and puzzled. He still didn’t know the little brown-haired pig-tailed girls name.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Storystorm has passed.

It's over. I got 31 ideas in 30 days with 1 idea about 1/2 way written. Thanks to Tara Lazar for helping out the writing community.