Saturday, February 10, 2018

2018 Valentiny Contest

It's time for the 3rd annual Susanna Leonard Hill Valentiny Writing Contest. The rules this time are a story that is 214 words in length in which someone must be hopeful. My entry comes in at exactly 214 words. I'm hopeful that you enjoy it.

A Squirrelly Valentine
(214 words)

“Did you see that?” asked Chipper.

“See what?” responded Twiggy.

“Bobby left his Valentine on the bench. We need to get it to him somehow before he gets to school.”

“How can we do that? We’re just squirrels.”

“If we take the squirrel superhighway, we should beat him to school.”

“Sounds great. Let’s go!”

They grabbed the Valentine, scurried up a tree, and leapt branch to branch high above the ground.

The traffic was bad. But they beat Bobby to the school.

“How do we get it back to him?” asked Twiggy.

“I have an idea,” responded Chipper. “You run in circles around his legs. While he’s stopped, I’ll drop it into his backpack from above.”

“I love running in circles!”

“Great. Let’s hope this works.”

Twiggy circled Bobby. Chipper took aim and dropped the valentine. A gust of wind blew it off course.

Twiggy stopped circling. Chipper joined him on the ground. Puzzled, Bobby continued into the school.

“We tried,” sighed Chipper.

“I hope someone isn’t too disappointed,” said Twiggy.

Chipper looked at the Valentine and exclaimed, “Hey, its’ addressed to us.”

Chipper opened the Valentine and read it, “You guys are nuts. Happy Valentine’s Day! Love, Bobby.”

“I think I’m going to cry,” sniffled Twiggy.

“I’ll get you a tissue,” replied Chipper.

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