Thursday, December 6, 2018

Susanna Leonard Hill's 8th Annual Holiday Contest

I didn't think I'd have an entry for the contest this year. Then an idea finally came to me. I keep editing little parts of it. Hopefully it will be fully completed by the time judging comes around.

The rules are it has to be about some sort of a Holiday Hero and must be 250 words or less. My entry comes in at 216 words. I hope you enjoy it.

The Hero Every Baker Deserves
216 words

Kara sat on her bed reading her favorite magazine Superhero Digest when a bitter sweet smell caught her nose.

“That smell…I know that smell.”

I wide-eyed look came over Kara’s face when she realized what the smell was.

“Oh no! Not this year too!” She exclaimed and bolted into her closet.

There was a bright plaid flash and the smell of fresh baked cookies filled the room. After a few seconds she emerged as the superhero Bain-Marie, savior of baked goods everywhere.

She flew out of her bedroom and down the stairs into the kitchen.

She grasped the oven door and flung it open.

With her super protective oven mitt like hands, she grabbed the tray of cookies and pulled them from the oven.

“Phew!” She exclaimed. “Got them out just in time. We can’t give Santa burnt cookies two years in a row.”

She placed the cookies on the counter to cool.

She picked up a cookie and started to take a bite when the smell of the ocean filled her nose.

“Someone has used salt instead of sugar in their cookies. No time to eat, there are more Santa cookies to be saved!”

She set the cookie down and flew off to the next house to save another batch of cookies from certain doom.

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Happy Holidays!

Monday, October 29, 2018

Halloweensie Contest 2018 Edition

It's the time of year when the smell of pumpkin spice fills the air and Susuanna Leonard Hill unleashes her Halloweensie contest to the world. The rules for this year's contest are as follows: story is limited to 100 words and must include the words shivercauldron, and howl. My entry comes in at exactly 100 words. I hope you enjoy it.

Full Moon Stew
(100 words)

Spencer shivered in the cauldron’s cold water surrounded by vegetables shaped like toys.

The witch drooled and lit the fire.

Finally, a nice warm bath. It had been awhile since Spencer had one.

He played with a potato shaped like a boat.

“Oh no! Not now!” he shouted as a full moon revealed itself through the window.

Hair sprouted all over his body. His nails grew long and a muzzle formed on his face.

“Awoooo!” he howled.

“You’ve ruined my meal and broke my cauldron,” the witch screamed.

Spencer looked at the mess and asked, “Want to get some porridge?”

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Happy Halloween everyone!

Friday, March 2, 2018

#50PreciousWords 2018 Writing Challenge

In honor of Theodore Geisel's birthday, better known as Dr. Seuss, Vivian Kirkfield has brought back her 50 Precious Words Writing Challenge. The challenge is to write a complete story in 50 words or less. More information and the other entries here. The inspiration for my entry came from my son taking a bubble bath. I hope you enjoy it.

41 Words

The animals at the zoo were ready for their bath.

The shiny cotton candy scented bubbles made them laugh.

Out of bubble bath the animals let out a collective groan.

Mortimer the bear sprang into action making bubbles of his own.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

2018 Valentiny Contest

It's time for the 3rd annual Susanna Leonard Hill Valentiny Writing Contest. The rules this time are a story that is 214 words in length in which someone must be hopeful. My entry comes in at exactly 214 words. I'm hopeful that you enjoy it.

A Squirrelly Valentine
(214 words)

“Did you see that?” asked Chipper.

“See what?” responded Twiggy.

“Bobby left his Valentine on the bench. We need to get it to him somehow before he gets to school.”

“How can we do that? We’re just squirrels.”

“If we take the squirrel superhighway, we should beat him to school.”

“Sounds great. Let’s go!”

They grabbed the Valentine, scurried up a tree, and leapt branch to branch high above the ground.

The traffic was bad. But they beat Bobby to the school.

“How do we get it back to him?” asked Twiggy.

“I have an idea,” responded Chipper. “You run in circles around his legs. While he’s stopped, I’ll drop it into his backpack from above.”

“I love running in circles!”

“Great. Let’s hope this works.”

Twiggy circled Bobby. Chipper took aim and dropped the valentine. A gust of wind blew it off course.

Twiggy stopped circling. Chipper joined him on the ground. Puzzled, Bobby continued into the school.

“We tried,” sighed Chipper.

“I hope someone isn’t too disappointed,” said Twiggy.

Chipper looked at the Valentine and exclaimed, “Hey, its’ addressed to us.”

Chipper opened the Valentine and read it, “You guys are nuts. Happy Valentine’s Day! Love, Bobby.”

“I think I’m going to cry,” sniffled Twiggy.

“I’ll get you a tissue,” replied Chipper.

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