Thursday, February 11, 2021

The 6th Annual Valentiny Writing Contest

 Here's my entry for this year's Valentiny writing contest hosted by Susanna Leonard Hill. I hope you enjoy it. 

A Valentine's Day Quest in the Land of Moore
(208 words)

Darkness fell across the land of Moore. Wil was so close to the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for his mother he could taste it. All he had to do was brave the last three obstacles and it would be his.

He bounded over the squishy rocks of Coucherton like a kangaroo.

He scaled the cliffs of Libraria like a lizard.

Finally, he leapt like a sugar glider and grabbed the spinning blades of Windamore. He gripped the blades tightly and waited for the perfect opportunity to grab the gift.

The more the blades spun, the dizzier he became. He felt his grip slowly releasing. This was his only chance to grab the gift.

He stuck his arm out as far as he could and, “SHWACK!” the gift was in his grasp. He shouted, “Excelsior!” and released from the blades landing on the top of the cliffs of Libraria.

The darkness quickly disappeared with a bright flash of light.

“Wil!” his mother shouted. “What are you doing on top of the bookcase?”

“I rescued your Valentine’s Day gift. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

“Thank you honey. But that box of candy is for you.”

“Even better,” Wil said with a smile. He landed on the couch and tore into the candy.

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